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Google Search Update: Who's at Risk, How To Avoid Its Effect

Of late, have you noticed how varying your website content appears on Google search results? Lack of updating your site often, could spell doom to your online content more than ever before!

To ward-off unoriginal, poor-quality and stale content, Google recently updated its search engine using 'panda' technology. Basically,  Panda (invented by Google) sorts-out documents on the web i.e. it can be compared to the way you 'tag' your friends on facebook. It scans your content for relevance and quality and classifies it as a high or low quality site.

A day, minute or even a second is how old the most recent information can be, taking into consideration how fast information moves nowadays. Depending on its algorithm and look-up terms, Google update is able to work out if an event is recent or if a breaking news results is a week old. This has also enabled Google to display real time results from facebook and twitter and other social networks. To avoid your business site being hit-hard by Google's update, use some of these strategies:

Inter-link Your Webpages: Make it a habit of writing inter-related posts, so that you can link to your older articles. By connecting to your older posts relevantly engages the readers and hence, the term inter-linking. In optimizing your pages flow, you make it easier for Google search engine to crawl your site and thus improving your page rank.

If inter-linking is too cumbersome and manual, you may try nRelate. It's a plugin that effectively links within your pages hence making your search engine optimization (SEO) better and navigation easier. Many bloggers opt for linkwithin widget, but here are the reasons why you should choose nRelate:
  • You can increase you AdSense revenue because nrelate allows you to choose how relevant (high, medium or low) the results should be. By selecting to which degree to link your related posts, it certainly improves your page views and reduces bounce rate
  • You have the option of choosing the thumbnail image display or text only to diplsy your related posts. This thumbnails are customizable unlike other related posts widget.
Below is How to Identify an original and Fake Mobile Phone  screen shoot, showing the related results as displayed by nrelate (text only) and Outbrain (thumbnails). Clearly, this combination engages your visitors more by offering related results from within (nrelate) and without (Outbrain). Also, with nrelate you can join their ad program.

Backlink Tags: It's crucial to maintain a balance between your in and outgoing links. Incoming links are links originating from other websites to your blog. When your content is liked by others, they'll acknowledge it by linking you to their site. Such recommendations increases the reputation of your site thus, your content is promoted by Google S.E.  The more you content is backlinked the higher your page rank, the more visible your content is on the Internet and the more traffic you get, leading to increased revenue.

Remember, when linking your older posts always tag them as 'dofollow'. This ensures you share your page rank juice within your site. External links are to be tagged 'nofollow', this ensures you don't share your page rank juice to other sites. Therefore, think twice when linking to major social sites such as Facebook with a view of establishing authority and trust of a specific subject matter.

Below is a detailed account by Matt of Google, as to why you should tag you links as (do) or nofollow:


Other Quick Tips:
  • It's advisable to 'nofollow' comments or social sharing to control spammy contributors.
  • Write high-quality original content. If this proves difficult you can always contact me for a freelance write-up.
  • Update your site regularly.
  • Avoid pages considered as link farms by Google. Link farms is a page with many external links (links from other sites) that adds no value to a subject matter.


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