Phone Battery Life-How To Extend It For Your SmartPhone

Smartphone's increased capabilities such as 3G, Wi-Fi and bluetooth enabled, full touch screen, expandable memory, loads of fun games and apps out-performs it's battery-life usage. No wonder, android and iPhone are always out of juice.

You get frustrated and cheated whenever your expectation of a long-lasting battery life as indicated in the phone manual is falsely over-emphasized. For example, a 3.7 volts battery stands no chance of lasting multiple days under a regular workload of browsing the web, searching through apps, sending e-mails and making  calls.

Some phone manufacturer have tried to solve this problem by increasing the battery power. Unfortunately, this will lead to bigger phones that are unlikely to be embraced by users who have been used to smaller phones.

Nowadays, most smartphone are rated 5 W/hour. Which means, that they can deliver a stable charge of 1 watt over a period of 5 hours. So, if you fully charge your phone tonight (assuming it uses 1 Watt per hour), then you can expect it to be dead by noon the next day.

While no single solution can make our phones' battery last longer, the Key is to reduce the amount of power the handset uses per hour. Here are practical ways to increase the capacity and lifetime of your battery:

Keep Your Phone Cool: Avoid extreme temperatures. That is, don't leave your phone facing the direct sunlight when you're outside. Keep your phone out of your pocket away from your body heat (favorable battery temperature range is between 15C and 25C). Remember, the hotter the phone gets, the faster is the battery drain.

Turn On the Auto-Brightness Feature: Your smartphone's colorful display is one component that drains your battery at an alarming rate. Most phones include this feature that automatically sets the screen brightness to suit close lighting levels and systems activity. This mode uses less power rather than running your screen at full brightness.

Disable Bluetooth: No matter how hands-free compliant you are, disable bluetooth when not in use. The extra radio frequency is constantly listening for signals from the outside world, drastically reducing your phone's battery life.

Minimize Multitasking: What makes a smartphone smart, is its ability to run more than one app at a time. Although this is an effective feature, it causes a lot of heat. This is because every app you run uses a share of your phone's processor cycles. Which is the basic unit of application that the android or iOS deals with in scheduling the work done by the processor.

By turning off apps that aren't actually being used and are running in the background, you drastically reduce your phone's workload reducing its power consumption.

You love your iPhone or android mainly because every day you find something new it can do. But all that function comes with a price; a lousy battery life! To maintain a constant use of your favorite smartphone, you can opt for external batteries. After browsing the Amazon, I noticed the New Trent Battery pack  had well over 200 reviews from actual customers and had a star rating well into the fives, nearly as high as Amazon's star ratings can go. Distrustful, I read product description and then skipping to the reviews. I found countless people, saying it's a great buy! This is because it is pretty universal in what it can charge. It charges Apple iPhone 4s, 4 3Gs and 3G, iPod touch (1, 2,3,4 and 5G), Blackberry and Androids (Motorola, HTC and Samsung) and much more.

It (re)charges quickly, 3 to 5 time faster than other expensive travel adapters. It fits comfortably in your pocket while plugged into your smartphone to charge. Its battery life is great and the 11000 mAh capacity is simply enormous! It provides charge it and forget it for at least a week. It comes in handy especially to phone users who travel a lot.

Note: Phone batteries can be charged and discharged many times, but it's limited and eventually wears out. To reduce your battery replacement pace, ensure you charge them properly. When not in use make sure  you unplug your phone and the charger from the electrical plug. Overcharging may shorten your battery's life span therefore, do not leave a fully charged battery connected to a charger. Remember, if you leave your phone unused, a fully charged battery will lose its charge over time.

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  1. Although there is no single solution to make our mobile phones with longer battery life, the key is to reduce the use of mobile phones per hour capacity. Here are practical ways to increase the capacity and battery life.

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