5 Ways To Avoid Facebook Identity Theft Scams

Some days back I shared a post in identity theft scams where you learned how to avoid online and credit card identity theft scams. With social media being part of our daily lives, we are bound to fall victims to various facebook scams such as “Free Facebook t-shirts on 7th anniversary” which is a phishing link.

Once clicked, it'll ask for further details about yourself in order for you to claim a free t-shirt. Once, you become a prey, a spam message is posted on your wall spreading in a similar manner to your friends' walls.

Facebook and other social networking sites have a tempting social appeal. You can create a profile of yourself that highlights your talents. However, all this personal information posted on your profile such as names, birth dates, kids' names, photographs, password reminders, your friends and your enemies can serve as a one-stop shop for identity thieves. All a scammer has to do to access it is become your FRIEND!

Whether you are new to Facebook or a long time user, you should be diligent in protecting yourself, your family, and your friends by maintaining a reasonable level of safety. A few ways to reduce your risks to being a victim to facebook scams are as follows:

Choose Your Friends Wisely: The purpose of Facebook is to socially connect with people you know. However, not every friend request is legitimate. Don't accept friend requests unless you absolutely know who they are and how you associate .

If you do accept a friend, then click on the limit my profile check-box to close your network into a tightly knit group.

Set Your Profile To Private: Change your privacy settings so that only friends can see your profile, photo albums and wall posts. Adjust your privacy settings by selecting privacy settings from settings drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can adjust every detail of your privacy settings, including who can see your pictures, postings and personal information. You can also adjust what individual members see, by setting all your privacy settings to maximum so that only information you want shared is shared. This simple step will reduce your risk of identity theft dramatically.

Protect Your Identity: Be careful what personal information you post as it can become public information instantly. Post only what you want made public. You can still use the site to network, but don't post anything that someone can use against you.

Keep in mind, that what you put on the internet stays on the internet, forever!

Be Selective With Your Photos: Be careful when placing photographs of yourself, children or family. Manage your friend's photos in which you are tagged by clicking the REMOVE TAG on any questionable photos, so that they are not linked to your profile.

Don't post seductive photos you don't want everyone to see.

Say No To Trackers: Some tracking tools can be installed in your computer to see who's been looking at your profile. Wall spamming applications such as profile seekesr are usually linked to surveys and harvest you and your friends personal information. If you're already a victim of these tracker tools. Remove messages derived as a results of these tools on your wall and unistall the app from your facebook profile.

Although these tools may sound unique, just remember, that any programme that lets you spy on your friends, can also spy on you!

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