How Setting and Achieving Goals Can Help Your Life Focus

It’s also important to be specific with your goals. Take your larger goal and break it down into smaller, more digestible bites. If your dream job requires a certain degree or level of training, developing those skills will make it possible for you to reach your goals.

While the act of setting goals can be a challenge, beginning to work toward those goals can be much more difficult. Sometimes, the path from point A to point B can seem so long and complicated that getting started is too much trouble.

This can happen with small challenges like cleaning a messy house; or with large goals, like applying to college or working toward your dream or career. If you don't find a way to manage your anxiety and your journey from point A to point B, you will likely struggle to accomplish things you want or need to do. Sure, some tasks are as mundane as cleaning.

But others—like your job, your education, and your life focus—have real-life consequences. Setting goals isn't always easy, and it can be scary if you have a history of unfulfilled goals. If you keep at it, you can conquer your fears. Once you learn to set goals, you can make progress toward doing those things that you really want or need to do.

Types of Goals
Above all, your goals should be realistic—but they should also force you to move outside of your comfort zone. Begin by making mindful goals—give yourself an overall goal that can be achieved in stages.

Maybe you want to play for a Final Four basketball team, but unless you possess an exceptional talent in basketball and are dedicated to a rigorous exercise and training schedule, you probably won’t make that particular dream come true. If, however, your overall goal is to move to a different city and find your dream job, realistic goals like getting into a good degree program, saving money for a house, or networking in your field should come first. You can have as many goals as you want, but you likely won’t be able to make progress on all of them at the same time.

Goal Setting Strategies

Focus on taking, and completing, each step that can get you closer to your objectives: apply for training that allows you to develop the skills you need, network with colleagues or fellow classmates to make connections, and take any other opportunities that can help you achieve your larger goals.

Writing on the Wall
Once you decide on goals, write them down. According to the Goals Guy, writing your goals down will help you commit to attaining them. It also makes you accountable. Spend some time thinking and planning about the best way to move forward. With an abstract goal, such as making enough money to buy a house, think about where you want to live and research home prices there so you have an idea of how much you might need to pay. All of these steps will help you prepare to reach your goals.

What if you fail?
Failure is a natural part of goal setting. The trick is in learning how to push past the failure toward success. You don't hit a home run the first time you swing a baseball bat--but with practice and commitment, you might. Accept and embrace failing as a part of the process that will propel you toward your goals.

To fulfill your goals, set a deadline and identify obstacles, roadblocks or challenges. If you want to return to school but don't have the money to pay for it, finding funding is an obstacle you'll need to plan for. If you long for children but lack a mate, you'll have to find a mate or find an alternative way to have children or adopt them. It's no use pretending obstacles don't exist. Once you acknowledge them, you can plan for them and develop strategies for success.

Jesse Langley
About the Guest Author:

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  1. Don’t assume colleagues or your manager are friends. Refrain from giving away personal details or grievances about the job in this seemingly relaxed environment. It could boomerang back.

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