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How to Make Delicious Juice Blends that Energize the Body

Although this article marks part of therapeutic values of juices, delights of juices and their blends may seem out of place. Some juices such as juices of pineapple, orange, carrot, apple, papaya are delicious on their own. But once with a juicer, you can experiment with a various juice blends to suit your relish and contentment.

Some excellent blends of juices are as follows:

Apricot-Apple: Soak a few dried apricots in water. When they are completely soaked, remove their seeds. Put seedless apricots in a juicer. Add a few slices of an apple to it and extract juice. Add ice to it. Enjoy the taste of the combination.

Pineapple-Grapes: Extract juice from  cupful of grapes and a medium size of a pineapple slice. Add a spoonful honey and some ice to it. This combination is worth enjoying.

Ginger-Apple-Cherry: Make a mixture of a cupful apple-juice, half a cupful cherry-juice and two spoonfuls ginger-juice. Add some ice to it and enjoy the drink.

Carrot-Tomato-spinach: Extract juice from a mixture of three to four carrots, spinach and two tomatoes. Add juice of a half lemon to it. Add some rock salt to it the combination will be very delicious. (do not use rock-salt in case you're ill).

With the help of a juicer, extract juice from cupful grapes (black), some pineapple and a fig. Add some ice to it. This combination is unique in taste.

Plum-Apple: Take equal quantities of plums and apples and extract their juice with the help of a juicer. This blend delights the mind.

Cock-tail: Take pineapple, mosambi and apples of equal proportion and extract juice from them. Add minutely thrashed ice to it. Enjoy the drink and get refreshed.

To make delicious fruit cocktail as a first course for lunch or dinner, you can't go wrong with Grape fruit, a piece of melon.


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