Wheatgrass Juice: To take or Not, Its side effects and Who's at Risk

No other raw food has been acclaimed as useful as the wheatgrass. It's a 'complete food' where you can pass your entire life by living on wheatgrass juice. Its healthy and medicinal benefits surpasses all other juices particularly in body nourishment.

The chlorophyll contained in the wheat grass purifies the blood and destroys hostile bacteria thriving in the intestines. The chlorophyll particles are similar to haemoglobin. So it works as an iron-element in anemia. Chlorophyll increases the function of heart, lungs, the urinary bladder and intestines. It is a unique green supplement because it enhances the basic change in nitrogen.

The wheatgrass juice contains vitamins A, B, E and K in a large amount. The wheatgrass contains 600 per cent more vitamin B complex than wheat. It contains anti-cancer element that are hundred times more in germinated wheat grains (wheatgrass) than wheat.

About 7kg of wheatgrass provides as much nutrition as 158 kg of carefully chosen vegetables. Also, magnesium is freely available from the juice.

Wheatgrass juice has not only conquered minor conditions like premature graying but also fatal diseases such as throat and blood cancer. This is in accordance to 'Why Suffer? An inspiring book authored by Dr. Wigmore. It shows how patients with incurable illness have benefited from regular use of the wheat grass and simple food.

In this book, there are reference to miraculous results obtained by the use of the wheatgrass juice in more than 350 diseases such as diabetes, asthma, insomnia and many more. From this, it's evident that even suspicious and conservative people have embraced wheatgrass juice as an alternative medicine with no side effects.

Wheatgrass Usage with no Side Effects: The best time to take wheatgrass juice for optimum results should be on an average daily dose for an invalid or the sick is about 100ml (or 100 gm of wheatgrass should be chewed). The sick person should begin with 25 to 50 ml of juice gradually increasing the quantity should be finally increased to 250 to 300 ml.

You should take the juice immediately after it has been extracted from wheatgrass. It should not be swallowed but should be sipped in gulps but slowly. Juice, if preserved loses its medicinal value. Nothing should be eaten or drunk for half an hour before or after drinking the juice.

Note: Before you begin to take exclusive wheatgrass juice, you should fast for a day or two or should live purely on fruit-juices for two or three days. Wheatgrass juice is more effective when taken after fasting. In the initial stage one should take juice in small quantity.

The quantity should be increased gradually, because some people after taking wheatgrass juice suffer from nausea, vomiting, cold, diarrhea and fever. Such symptoms appear in only five to seven per cent of cases. You should dilute the juice with water. If the symptoms persists, you should stop taking the juice for a day or two. Resume taking the juice when troublesome symptoms disappear. Nothing should be added to the juice for the sake of taste.

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