Personal Financial Planning: Take this Quiz to Find Out How Savvy You Are

Stop anyone on the streets and they'll share their goals for financial prosperity and freedom with you. What is not common, however, is the will to take risks and embark on making these dreams come true.

Fear is the common denominator of dreams that remain just that, a dream! It's that fear that keeps one going to the same job year after year for the same financial reward or token salary, which they could double if they only dared to start even a small business of their own. It's this fear that separates the successful from the dreamers.

For others, it's not fear or lack of confidence or opportunity but just plain laziness. Some people have enough or can raise enough, set themselves up and set up a business, but they are in a comfort zone of guaranteed wages, never mind if those wages are low, have been the same over the years and are likely to remain so. They never look for a different or other opportunities.

Take an honest look at yourself, using the various vital signs of a good financial success: are you moving forward, backwards, standing still or running on the spot as far as your finances are concerned?

Take this online personal finance quiz to find out.

Take a risk

When it comes to finances, I have realized that, it is not because things are not difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. Therefore, take risks: if you win you will be happy, if you lose, you'll be wise. 

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