How to Avoid Frizzy Hair in The Morning

Tied of dry frizzy hair every morning? Caring for your hair during the day is not enough. Protection at night is equally important. Not preparing your hair before going to bed can cause you unnecessary damage. Protecting your hair at night is beneficial for various reasons that include style maintenance, moisture retention as well as breakage reduction.

The moisture content of hair is about 10 per cent. Caring for your hair during the day and night will ensure that the moisture content does not drop below this level. Critical to this is to make sure you hair's ability to attract and retain moisture. Hair requires moisture regularly to stay replenished. Here are hair tips to eliminate dryness and breakage:

  • Make sure to apply a good moisturizer, a sealant to lock in moisture as well as tying a satin headscarf. A light-weight based moisturizer will penetrate the hair shaft much like a deep conditioner, while oil will trap and lock in moisture into the hair.
  • What you sleep on will also affect your hair. Cotton fabric tends to absorb moisture and enhance hair breakage.
  • While tossing and turning at night, it rubs against the pillow causing friction that ultimately leads to hair breakage. Opt for satin pillow cases as these prevent dehydration. however, they do not protect hair styles.
  • Other than absorbing moisture, which is bad for your hair, cotton scarves tend to amplify damage by aggravating scalp itchiness and dryness around the edges.

Protecting Your Hairstyle

Straight hairstyles: Wrap the hair into a bee-hive to add body and prevent frizz. Make sure to use a wrap set lotion to lock in moisture as well as to make sure that hair does not fall while you wrap it. then, use a silk or satin scarf to tie your hair.

Natural styles: Use a silk bonnet or headscarf but avoid tying the scarf too tightly as this will smash the style.

Curly hairstyles:Use satin bonnet to prevent the curls from becoming flat at night. If you can, avoid a scarf for this particular hairstyle.

Braids: these are low maintenance hairstyles. However, take some measures before going to bed. Apply a moisturizing gel on the edges before tying it up.

Weaves: Make sure to add no stress but instead spray a leave-in moisturizer and use headscarf. The same applies for braided hairstyles.

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