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Holiday Genie-Still at the Heart of Nairobi City

Nairobi's Best Delights

 A visitors' first stop in Kenya is Nairobi city. Once in the city, one is spoilt for choices to which of the many attractions they should see. The city is home to the world's only wildlife refuge, thus making Nairobi the only capital city in the World with a park within it.

Nairobi National park is home to leading wildlife attractions including endangered species (black rhino) and a rhinos' sanctuary used for breeding and restocking other parks in Kenya . Cheetahs, lions, giraffes, hyenas, wildebeests are also found in the park. Near the ivory burning site monument, which is a tribute against poaching, a herd of beautiful antelopes browse leaping in high spirits.

A game drive around the park which is full of unique terrains and forests, one is met by rhinos accompanied by a herd of zebras, buffaloes and the crowned eagle. Within, the park there are lodges and tented camps. A person can sit in the graceful tents that serves as a lodge and opens to the woods. Out there in the bush you will be pleasantly surprised that all the trimmings of a five star accommodation are available. Meals are also served while viewing the game in their home ground.

Ready for a Walk?

Another get away spot is the Nairobi Safari Walk. Following the trail to the woodlands one strolls while viewing the game. This is great especially for those who love to walk.

You have the option of guiding yourself or taking a guide. The lifted wood pathways give sensational views out over the gleaming stretches of Savannah in Nairobi National park with panoramic points down onto water wells and the wildlife that visit them. Another splendid nature trail begins directly in front of the parking lot at Giraffe center. The hippo trails and the animal orphanage are other site attractions.

As the evenings progresses........

The place to be on any weekend evening in Nairobi is the famous Carnivore restaurant, where cultural events are staged. Cheers! to these cultural nights, especially in the usually involving life of Nairobi: professionals, young and old urban fun seekers meet and party, enjoying Traditional foods, music and regalia cloth ware.

KICC (Kenyatta Intl. Conference Center), Cabanas and Egesa restaurant  are other places where ethnic theme nights are held. Think of it this way, resident Kenyans in England would often visit club Afrique, where culture meets modern world and of course, the pilsner beer brand prides the pub's counter.

For the young and the restless, a weekend's evening is not complete without a boogie-woogie at Nairobi's amusement spots which are normally spread out in concentric circles from the city center. These spots are inexpensive, and are the sort of places where the young at heart, learn how to socialize and as they say 'hang out'.

Other prime spots are usually conveniently located in the easily approachable flurry suburbs such as Langata, Hurlingham and Westlands plus many more. distinctively, the regulars in these up-market are a chosen, favoured lot; where making merry is a priority, and a necessity in their easy lives.

Safari Seven rugby festivals are other relatively new events in the city, mostly along Ngong road. It's an Africa's premier rugby tournament which attracts a crowd of over 25,000 to their weekend event. As the local DJs' music flare, the youth especially the lasses cheers and dances invokes the old golden days when we were once young and energetic.


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