Best Wedding Destination - Still at the Heart of Nairobi City

The same way, Prince Williams popped the question by a secluded venue somewhere nice in Kenya, you can also have your luxury wedding in some these venues within Nairobi. They offer varied packages, some hire grounds only and leave the hustle of setting up tents and furniture to the clients. Others offer a full wedding package which includes catering services as well as providing tents for the garden wedding venues.

There are some, especially the high class hotel, that offer in-house designed menus for at least 100 guests. With this, the wedding guests have an access to several services, which include the hall, entertainment and discounts on drinks. Here are a few of Nairobi's best wedding venues:  

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

This hotel wedding venue consists of four grounds, the resort is located in a beautiful leafy suburb in Ridgeways off Kiambu road, about 15 Kilometers from Nairobi.

Here clients can bring their own equipment, which includes tents, chairs, flowers, tables and decorations. As long as you hire the grounds the club does the catering as well. The most affordable ground is the Lake View, which hosts 300 people at a cost of $ 500. The Garden pond goes for $ 600 and accommodates 300 guests while Kigwa view venue, set up next to a dam can take in 500 guests and goes for  $ 1000.

Similar with an internationally standardized golf course, the most popular venue is the 10th Tee venue that overlooks the smooth and expansive course with the resort in the background. With a capacity of 1,000 guests, one would have to cough up $ 1200 to hire the grounds alone. A discounted rate has been adopted on food and drinks on a per consumption basis for wedding guests.

A five-course buffet menu is offered and is classified into five categories that is; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald and Diamond. Bronze, the cheapest wedding package while Diamond is charged the highest. Each category can be accompanied by a whole spit roast goat per goat. A car bar can be set up if one has not budgeted for drinks. There is a selection of wines to choose from.

Couples that wed here earn a one-night accommodation on bed and breakfast basis and a late afternoon checkout.


Rock City Gardens

This is arguably one of the leading one-stop garden wedding for those on budget. Located about 8 Kilometers from the city center, along Kiambu road in Muthaiga North.

Wedding here adopt two styles, the restaurant and theater style with a minimum of 100 guests. There are no tables in the theater style but in the restaurant style, a well-decorated table is set up with six chairs. Both venues have a ground and pool package, with each having 100-seat tent which comes with chairs and tables.

At the grounds, there is a roofed and decorated makeshift structure also known as gazebo, that allows an open view for the cake and the high table. A public address system is provided together with the operating DJ. In theater style, the pool package has a floating gazebo and four tents with chairs, tables, public address system and a DJ provided for a maximum of two hours.

For a whole day, two more tents are provided. Any extra tent is charged. This equipments are similar for the restaurant-style, only that 16 tables are added at a fee. Here the pool is charged the same amount as the the theater style.

Safari Park Hotel 

It is spread on a 50-acre plot of well trimmed rolling lawns. This hotel wedding venue is off right Thika road, about 12 Kilometers from the city center. It is quite in incentives to wedding couples. The hotel does charge for grounds but as long as you hold your wedding here, they do the catering.

If you plan to hold your wedding on their grounds, bring your own equipment including tents and chairs. For a 100 guests, the hotel offers three different menus; Silver, Ruby and Gold per person. This means for example, if one chooses the Silver menu, you cough up to $ 2000 if you plan to host 100 guests. The couple will be entitled to adequate wine, access to health club, and a wedding cake.

On the material day, one earns free entry to the Cats Club disco for quests later in the evening. Guests are entitled to 10 % discount on drinks. the package is inclusive of a photo session on the grounds. Children attending the wedding can enjoy a private party complete with face-painting, games and clowns.

However, this package does not end after the wedding. The couple is offered a first anniversary dinner for two in any of the hotel's five international restaurant. A honeymoon suite is charged at $ 200 a night, but those who opt for the Gold menu are not charged for it.

For those who hold their big day elsewhere, but opt for the evening party st the venue, the charge is $ 300. It comes with roosted goat and disco for 25 people.

Bomas of Kenya

This unique wedding venue is popular with those who want to inject some cultural and traditional fusion into their wedding ceremony. Located 16 km from the city center and about 300 meters off Langata road, this venue offers quiet and expansive well-trimmed grounds.

There are four different grounds. The smallest can accommodate 500 people while the largest can take in up to 3,000 guests. One has the choice of holding their wedding ceremony in an open ground or a modern hall. Both venues go for $ 350 for 300 guests.

The package is quite flexible since several items are optional. However, when you choose to use their equipment, a tent that houses 100 guests costs $ 100, the public address system $ 250 while a photo session site together with snacks goes for $ 90. Decoration is optional. A normal wedding setting goes for $ 600 while a full traditional decor goes for $ 900. Here, expect spears, shields, calabashes and potted plants to grace the venue.

They also offer a small executive wedding. This takes place at the several traditional villages which accommodate about 50 people. This costs $ 600.

If these luxury wedding venues are to expensive, don't shy away in Nairobi city, couples can plan an affordable wedding and still have a fulfilling ceremony.

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