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Buying a Coat - 2 Things To Look Out For

bidorbuy South Africa - Bid, Buy or Sell cameras, computers, diamonds, coins, cars & more on auction at cheap pricesWith the unexpected change in weather, sometimes hot then cold then chilly then rainy, it has made it necessary to buy rain coats, boots and gloves just to stay prepared. And, if there is one thing that can be a tricky buy, it would have to be a rain wear.

What to buy, where and when to wear it, what colors are in, what fabrics are out and how much should you spend, are just some of the questions that run through many minds. When it comes to buying a coat, there are two things to consider: What appeals to you, and what your gut says about that coat you are eyeing.  

Feelings and Instinct: It may seem odd that emotion should govern your buying of a coat rather than your body shape, budget, coloring, the weather or what your friends will think when they see you wearing it. And the reason for this is pretty simple: that coat is likely to be the most costly thing in your closet. So it helps if it is varied, fits in with your day-to-day wear and acts as a cover up both day or night.

This is why a trench is considered a classic. It has the kind of form and shape that fits in seamlessly with almost everything that you own. In that regard, a coat is an investment. Also, when it comes to coats, the same rules apply to both men and women.

To start off, what to buy depends on what is on offer in the market or, if you don't like what you see, finding a fashion designer who can make you a customized trench, a statement that is worthy every coin when you finally do own it. There are several types of coats to pick from though, not just the trench. For instance, there are pea coats, which are short coats that skim the bottom. Lately, though, they have grown longer and you can find a thigh-skimming pea coat. Ideally though, their design does not allow them to be long otherwise they would appear frumpy

Pea coat was first designed for men and originally worn by sailors and the navy; today, it is unisex. The pea coat is structured, double-breasted jacket generally made from thick fabric and has huge, usually wooden buttons. Women's pea coats tend to be more form fitting and because some come with buckle belts, they can be confused for a short trench coat. Pen coats have larger lapels than average. They look great on both adults and the children regardless of the gender.

Men can wear muted colors like navy, black, grey and brown, while women have the option of colors that run from herringbone print, pastels, dark colors to bright, flashy shades. Children's coats are just as flexible in terms of color and it just requires you to identify the more flowery versions for girls.

Fake Fur is also quite trendy right now. It is worn by fancy, fashion-conscious men and women. When buying faux fur, pick something soft though it is likely to cost more. If you get fur for the sake of it, it looks tasteless, cheap and fashion-injustice.

You could also wear a gilet, which is in essence an open waist coat with a furry collar. It looks great when paired with skinny jeans that have been tucked into boots. It could be short and fluffy or fall just as far as you hip bone or slightly lower and you could belt it up. It could also be entirely furry or part fur combined with either leather, PVC, stuffed waterproof fabric or anything else that pulls your eye.

When wearing a gilet, keep the bottom half trim and fitted. Pencil skirts and fitted trousers are ideal complements. Wear heels to elongate the leg as a gilet is prone to shapelessness. Which can make your top half look thick and stocky. It is however an excellent way to layer your outfits and stay warm and glamorous. Like the pea and trench, it works as both a day (even though casual) and night look.

Another coat to consider is the ankle skimmer. This is heavy, very dressed up and if you get one, it must be superbly tailored otherwise you look like you are trying, and failing, to re-enact The Matrix. It is perfect for nightwear owing to its great surface coverage. Play around with its design and don't simply go for a buttoned-all-the-way down look.

When buying a coat, look at the buttons, fabric, lapels and shape. Rather than settling for the same old shapes, try out something visually stimulating. Go for interesting color palettes and designs. More importantly, consider your height.

Smart and Objective: A good tailor can make any style work on you but you still need to be smart and objective. Assess your body with critical eye so they you don;t get swamped by your coat or have to squeeze in to it, making it look like it shrunk in the wash.

Both men and women can try the hooded coat, women can consider a fur coat or go for a tailored coat that is structured, well cut, but not necessarily body skimming. Or opt for a wool mix. It is lighter and won't stifle you with heat.

Finally, get the right accessories to pair your coat with. Cloves, scarves, boots, bags and headgear should compliment your coat. Outwear is exceedingly important and it makes as much of statement as what you wear on the inside.


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