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iRIS - iPhone Siri's Android Alternative

Aside from iPhone 4s running with the same chip (A5 1GHz processor) that also appears on the iPad 2, a new antenna design, and a more hi-tech camera compared to its predecessor, iPhone 4. A new speech-recognition software, better known as Siri, is probably one of Apple's magical innovation.

Siri, is one of iPhone 4s top new feature and it was designed to recognise voice commands by users to dictate text messages and conduct web searches, and also to schedule appointments. It acts as an advanced version of speech-recognition software found on other cell phones.

Using this application, you can set a reminder, ask for contact's address, check the weather and also trivialize your search by asking for your favourite recipe or the tallest building in the World. You access the feature by holding down the Home button and you speak with a robot-like female person.  

With Apple allowing Amazon to officially sell its Factory Unlocked iPhone 4s, which is available in 16, 32 and 64 GB in black and white versions. It's just a matter of time, before unlocked or jailbreak'd-iphones become compartible with siri.

Update! you can now jail break your iPhone 4s. According to jailbreakiphone4s website, this jailbreak service will cost you $ 19.99, payable via Paypal.

Inspired by the siri application, Dexetra, an android developer, integrated text-to-speech features to create iris. It interacts with your voice, and makes your phone speak on any topic. You can text or call someone, look-up for a contact or even manage your web search. To be able to use this application, you need to have a pre-installed or self install a 'TTS library' and 'voice search' in your phone. Download iris application for free at Android Market.

Another alternative to turn your words into action other than siri and iris is Vlingo.  It's a free app for all smartphones with a voice-managed virtual assistant.It can act as a safer alternative to texting when driving, update you on your social status and also quickly searches for information on web.


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