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Wedding Music Ideas - 9 Tips to Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Song

Apart from the decor, one of the first things your guests will notice when they walk in is the music. Most couples opt for the tried and tested wedding bands without putting much thought into factors that should be considered while choosing the right entertainment. As much as it is your big day, you should also keep your guests in mind.So what should you consider before you choose your weeding music?

Wedding Music Ideas to consider
  • Have in mind your wedding theme to help you choose the type of song or entertainment that will complement and carry on the theme. For example, if you're having a Swahili theme, you can opt for some taarab music instead of a band that tries to sing in all the local languages.
  • Consider the formality of the occasion. If you're having a formal wedding, for example, you can choose a band that plays classical or lounge music to create the perfect ambience. If you're going for an informal setting, the good news is you can play around with different genres and styles of music to suit your preferences but choose wisely.
  • The kind of guests you'll be expecting should be factored in as well. Though you may be a party animal and would love to have that experience in your wedding, keep note of the older generation and children and avoid anything offensive.
  • When selecting your entertainment service provider, request to have a meeting whereby you both sit down and come up with with a playlist for the whole day. This is crucial or else he or she may play whatever they feel like without a thought about your prefereces. The last thing you need to hear on that special day is songs to do with heartbreak, cheating spouses or funerals.
  • Depending on your wedding budget, you can experiment and have different kinds of entertainers at the price of one. If you're lucky, you may find the master of ceremonies comes part of the package too.There is no need to have one bandthat does the same old acts when you can have better.
  • Entertainment doesn't stop with the band. You can explore other options and consider other forms of entertainment such as poets, dancers, magicians, mimes and acrobat, who can be sourced locally if you know where to look. This will definetly leave your guests with great memories.
  • If you can't afford high-end entertainment, don't compromise and settle for just any or do without with the little you have, you can find something good. The secret is to look for upcoming musicians and bands who would be willing to perform at whatever price for the little publicity and exposure they will get.If you are flat out broke, consider having cousin or friend who can sing help out. If not, then you can request a youth group that sings or dances in your church to entertain. You can make your own MP3 music compilation and have that play all day in music system.
  • When booking the band, ask what equipment they come with in case you need to source for anything. In some instances, you may need to hire a generator for emergencies since you cannot rely on unpredictable power supply. 
  • Think beyond the usual way of doing things. The bridal march in the procession could be replaced by a sweet poem accompanied by some background instrumentals.
Lastly, remember to give your entertainers all the information they need from the maps, programmes and so on, to help them get there in good time.

Ms. Esther
About the Guest Author:

Esther is an author with a local newspaper. You can keep in touch with her via Email


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