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Women's High Heel Shoes Love Affair

A woman's love affair with the high-heel started way before our time. I remember my sister wobbling in my mother's high heels from the day she learnt how to walk. And with the trends and designs available today, what reason do ladies have not to be totally, uncontrollably in love with their heels?

They can certainly mend a broken heart, make her feel like a million dollars (evidently, true especially with my wife). They make her look taller, her legs looking slimmer and her butt tighter and the list goes on...

As  Manolo Blahnik rightly put it, "you put high heels on and you change"

Today, high heels are a symbol of femininity and sensuality, but back in the 9th century, they were a form of practicality. Persian men wore high heels as a form of footwear that not only helped them get onto their horse, but also kept the foot in the stirrup.

The evolution of this high-heel, like many other things, was adopted by the Europeans and became a symbol of sexuality. Roger Vivi er, the designer for Christian Dior, was said to have invented the ever so sexy stiletto heel, which we still prance around today.

By the 80's and 90's the high-heel had evolved into a fashion "must have" through the likes of Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin who took what was an important but more more humble accessory, the shoe, and transformed it into a star accessory that only the privileged could afford. The "Sex and the City" era, which we still live in, has only made the "Manolo" and "Louboutin" cravings worse.

So, now that we know a fair amount about where the loves of my wife's life come from, do you know enough about their styles? Here are the most common styles:

Wedges: They are the most comfortable and give better flexibility because the entire shoe touches the ground making the ladies in high heels not to balance on a thin blade. According to her, my wife, wedges go with everything but are probably best paired with leggings, shorts and skirts.

Pumps: These are probably the most practical form of high-heels with a slightly thicker heel that's no higher than 3 inches; they are ideal with office wear.

Stilettos: They scream sexy in every way with the heel size going up to over 10 inches with platform. The heels are ultra thin, sometimes known as 'needles' and work best with short skirts, short dresses and skinny jeans.

Kitten heels: These are the shortest heels of the lot and go up to a maximum of 2 inches. The heel has a slight curve, and was popularized by Audrey Hepburn. They are commonly worn by taller women who don't want the height but want the "sexiness" of a high heel. For those of you who can't walk in stilettos, kitten heels are the best way to practice!

After browsing the Amazon, I noticed that Manolo Blahnik Women's Randee T-Strap Sandal's  had well over 10 reviews from actual customers and had a star rating well into the fives, nearly as high as Amazon's star ratings can go. Slightly skeptical, I read product description and then skipping to the reviews. I found countless ladies, saying they Love Love Love this shoes! This is because they are gorgeous. Fantastic quality and despite the height, they are quite easy to walk in thanks to the ankle strap.

So ladies, whatever the occasion, whatever the outfit, just remember always wear amazing shoes - We (men) notice!


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