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How To Use Your iPhone 4s For Better Macro Shots

Before you embark on your photography using your iPhone 4s, you should definitely check out this cool little gadget, the olloclip camera lens.

Since iPhone 4s' recent release, we have reviewed some of its extra-ordinary features such as Unlock iPhone 4s with jailbreak

To take close-up images also known as macro photography, is quite difficult when compared to other types of photography. This is because it requires very good lighting, expensive equipments and other techniques. Now, using your iPhone 4 in-built camera, you can create amazing close-up images, like the ones shown below:

To maximize the potential of your iPhone's camera to make close-up shots and take wider angles, you'll need 3-lense iphone add-on (olloclip). Olloclip is a quick-connect lens system that will comprise of other lenses such as fisheye (the largest lens), wide-angle (general purpose lens) and macro lens which are all crammed in a small and convenient package.

The little accessory is a snappy to use, all you need is to slide it over your iPhone's rear camera lens, and you're good to go. The fisheye lens is good enough in capturing a nearly 180 degrees field of view, while the wide angle lens is said to double the field of view there and then.

Do you want to get up-close pictures that you can share using instagram?  Not a problem, as the macro lens lets you focus the iPhone within 12mm - 15mm of your object. This makes your iPhone much more fun and convenient.

Note: Instagram is a free photo sharing app that allows you to take photos, apply filter and share on twitter, facebook and flickr.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for your photography-buff loved one, pal or even colleague, the Olloclip or its alternative the 0.67x macro magnet could be a good choice. According to actual consumers at Amazon, I noticed 0.67X Macro Magnet, was the best alternative to Olloclip for iPhone and Android, since it's affordable -- a 2 in 1 combo lens ($20 compared to Olloclip which is $70), small and attaches magnetically. If your phone doesn't have a metal surface, it comes with a glued metal ring that you stick on your smartphone and attach the lens.


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