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10 ways to Prepare and Apply Herbs for Home Remedies

Many a times, when people fall sick they immediately seek the attention of medical practitioners who'll then  dispense drugs making them part with huge sums of money in exchange. But is it worth it?

For example, when you walk or work in the sun for many hours and there is limited water to wash the blood resulting in headache as a signal to make you drink water. Taking drugs to cure headache is not the solution. The solution is supplying the body with enough water.

Alternative herbal remedies does not claim to be the only remedy for every disease. It's a fact which can be understood that for general health and well being; and in cases where medicines fail to cure a disease, one has to take the help of other therapies (proper diet, juice and herbal treatment).

If a certain therapy has been proven useful and effective in a particular disease, there's no reason why you should be deprived of the benefit of that therapy. Remember, it is necessary to comprehend the disease thoroughly before start of the herbal or juice treatment.

1) Fig
Description: sweet and neutral detoxicant. It is used as stomach tonic; affects the spleen and large intestine. It prevents uric problems, fatigue, sore throat, hard coughing, haemorrhoid, enteritis diarrhea and dysentery and cleanses the blood. It's recommended, that small children and pregnant women should always eat figs.

Application: Figs can be taken in their juice form or can be taken by chewing them. If fresh figs are not available, dry figs can be used with the same benefits. Dry figs, if soaked in water for twelve hours, become smooth and soft. Soaking activates the figs' enzymes. A small quantity of juice can be extracted from such soaked figs. The water in which dry figs are soaked should not be discarded rather it can be added to thick juice to make it dilute.
  • Eat one or two fresh figs each time, in the morning and in the evening to improve your appetite and correct indigestion.
  • Steam until very soft one to two fresh figs and 2 honey dates (processed in honey). Eat 1 to 2 figs each day to relieve dry cough and sore throat.
  • Boil 1 kg dry figs in water at low heat until they are soft as jelly. Add 750g and heat until sugar dissolves. Then mix all the ingredients; tale 1 teaspoonful fig jelly each time, in the morning and evening, to correct weakness after illness. Note: Fig jelly is also used as advutant therapy for pulmonary tuberculosis and hepatitis.
  • Boil until very soft  one to three fresh figs or 30g dry figs with water and 2 red dates; each once a day to increase milk secretion in women after childbirth.
  • Boil 60g fresh figs with 1 chicken egg. Eat once a day to relieve pain in muscles and bones, and numbness from rheumatism.
  • Fry 30g dry figs until aromatic; separately, fry 9g dry ginger until it looks like charcoal. Boil together the figs and ginger. Eat 3 times a day, to cure chronic diarrhea.
  • Eat 2 unripe fresh figs in the morning and in the evening to alleviate pain and bleeding in haemorrhoids. Please note, fig leaf is neutral in energy and tastes sweet and slightly pungent; it can heal hemorrhoids and heart pain and swelling.

2) Fresh Ginger
Description: It's warm, pungent induces perspiration, dispenses cold, regulates monthly period, relieves stomach ailments. The perennial use of ginger-juice before meals prevents tongue and throat cancer.

Application: Three or four teaspoon of ginger-juice mixed with very small quantity of mineral salt and a few drops of lemon juice taken half an hour before meals works as an excellent appetizer. Also, you may grate fresh ginger and boil in water for 10 minutes; drink it like tea to cure edema, vomiting or cough and also to warm up the body.
  • Crush 100g fresh ginger and boil; use the hot liquid to wash the body and stimulate the skin to induce perspiration for relief of fever in common cold.
  • Grate fresh ginger and squeeze the juice; mix the juice with honey in 1 to two cups boiling water; drink a cupful each time, three times a day, to relieve cough.
  • Eat a few pieces tender, fresh ginger to relieve indigestion.
  • Squeeze fresh ginger juice and drink it as orange juice to heal motion sickness, hiccup or vomiting; it is also effective to counteract food poisoning.
  • Boil 2g dried ginger or 7g fresh ginger with some brown sugar and drink it hot to relieve discomfort of cold and fever with cold abdominal pain due to common cold.
  • Boil 4g fresh ginger with 8g dried orange peel and drink it like tea to heal vomiting and cough due to common cold.
  • Mix 50g of fresh ginger with 30g brown sugar; to treat acute bacillary dysentery, eat 3 times a day, for 7 days as treatment program. After eating the ginger mixture, abdominal pain and tenesmus disappear within an average of 1 and 5 days respectively. Stool movement return to normal within 4-5 days..
  • Ginger is widely used in cooking; a few slices added to cooking will counteract the strong smell of meats, fish and other toxic effects. Please note, In everyday cooking, fresh tender ginger is used; but when used for therapeutic purposes, fresh old ginger gives better effects.
Dried Ginger: Dissolve 7g dried ground ginger in warm water and drink each time, once a day to relieve diarrhea with discharge of very watery stools. Dried ginger, is normally used as herb. When fresh old ginger is peeled and put under the sun to dry, it becomes dried ginger with a hot energy instead of warm energy.

3) Cucumber
Description: It's a cool, sweet and detoxicates; promotes urination, quenches thirst and plays a valuable part in treatment of rheumatic and acne conditions.

Application: Usually cut into pieces before it's eaten, though cucumber juice possess many medicinal properties.
  • You can squeeze the juice from the cucumber or the leaf. Apply externally to the affected region to relieve burns.
  • When cucumber becomes old. It appears yellowish. Cucumber may then be boiled as soup to alleviate dry cough. Juice of cucumber with seeds is more effective than without seeds.
  • Cucumber is effective to relieve common acne. This is because common acne is due to heat in the lungs and stomach. Since cucumber has a cool energy and acts upon the stomach, fresh cucumber maybe eaten to cure acne.
4) Cinnamon Bark and Twig
Description: It  pungent and sweet. It's used to control hair loss, infertility, stomach upsets, obesity pimples and abdominal pains. It can reduce perspiration, eliminate cold, promote blood circulation, facilitate menstrual flow. This herb is good for rheumatic pain that worsens on exposure to cold.

Application: Grind dry cinnamon bark into powder; dissolve 5g of the powder in warm water, and drink each time, 3 times a day, to cure various types of cold symptoms (including cold abdominal pain and stomachache). In case of the twig, boil 20g cinnamon twigs with 30g fresh ginger in enough water. Boil until the water is reduced by half. Drink a cupful each time, 3 times a day, to cure arthritis
  •  Dissolve 5g of the powder in warm water and drink each time, 3 times a day, to alleviate abdominal pain in women after childbirth.
  • Dissolve 3g cinnamon-bark powder in warm water to correct excessive gastric acid and vomiting of acid.
  • Use cinnamon bark as a seasoning in cooking to warm up the body.
  • If a lady woman suffers from irregular periods with post-period pain and whitish vaginal discharge, these are very likely cold symptoms and may be treated by cinnamon bark.
  • People at advanced age (65 and above) are usually weak in energy and blood. They have a tendency to develop numbness in their skin and cold arthritis, which means the pain gets worse in the cold weather. If this happens, cinnamon bark may be used to correct these conditions.
  • For cinnamon twigs, cook 10g in water as soup slowly. There is no need to induce perspiration because cinnamon twig is capable of inducing perspiration by itself.
  • Boil 3g cinnamon twigs in water over low heat. ?Drink it like tea just before bedtime to cure numbness of the skin, fingers and muscles.
Caution:  Persons with excessive menstrual flow, urination difficulty, hemorrhoids and pregnant women should not take this herb.

5) For beautifying complexion: Juices recommended are: tomato and turmeric juices, mixed with juices from beetroot and apple, guava and papaya juices. Cucumber juice should be applied externally and drunk as well.

6)High Blood Pressure: Juices of garlic and wheatgrass are beneficial. Juices of carrot, beet-root, cucumber, papaya, alfalfa and orange can also be taken. Avoid taking fat-saturated items such as ghee and butter.

7) Weight: To reduce the weight, take juices of carrot, cucumber and tomato. Decrease the quantity of food. Physical exercise should be done. To increase the weight, rejuvenation by milk is most effective. in addition to it, take dry fruits. Take fruit-juices.

8) Throat troubles: Take warm water with honey and lemon juice in the morning. Take a draught of pineapple juice and turn it over and over in the mouth before swallowing it. Besides, take a mixture of carrot juice, beet-root and cucumber. Take a glassful of warm water mixed with a spoonful each of ginger, garlic and onion juice. A tablespoon green turmeric juice is also useful.

9) Weakened sexual drive: Juices recommended are: carrot and spinach (mixed); beetroot, cucumber and apple (mixed); pumpkin.

Feel free to add your own juice diet or herbal therapy that heals to make them 10.


  1. As a performer, I am always on the lookout for singers sore throat remedies so it's interesting to read your suggestions. Am definitely going to give it a try although I'm thinking I might need to keep some breath mints handy for afterwards! Lol. Thank you. :D


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