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How to Grow and Juice Wheatgrass at Home

Did You Know? A common belief that raw food is difficult to digest is baseless. It's an established fact that cooked food takes six to eight hours for complete digestion, raw food takes three to four hours. For vegetable, fruit and wheatgrass juice it takes only 1 to one and a half hours for digestion and complete absorption. Thus, for quick nourishment learn how to grow and extract wheatgrass at home.

 How to Grow Wheatgrass: If you have an open piece of plot to grow wheatgrass should divide it into seven parts or one can use broad-mouthed earthen pots or wooden boxes.

Seven such basins are required for one individual. Fill three-fourth of the basin with black soil and one-fourth with manure. Manure should necessarily be natural (compost). Chemical fertilizers should not be used. The size of the basin should be about one square foot. 100 gm of wheat seeds should be sown in each basin. Normally 100 to 125 gm of wheatgrass grows out of this quantity.

Soak wheat grains for twelve hours before they are sown. Then take them out of water and put them in a wet thick cloth. Bind the cloth tightly. These wheat grains will be sprouted. If sprouted wheat grains are sown, the height of the grass will be 5 to 7 inches within seven days.

Sprinkle water in the pot every 24 hours. Do not pour water into the pot because excess of water hinders the growth of wheat.

As there are seven earthen pots, wheat should be sown in one pot each day. The wheat sown on the first day will grow into wheatgrass and on the seventh day the wheatgrass will be seven inches height which is necessary and ideal. This wheatgrass should be cut with scissors or pulled out manually. Soil is then removed and dried in the heat of the sun.

Then a small quantity of compost manure should be added to the soil before wheat grains are sown again. It should remember that only one post (basin) is to be prepared each day. All the seven pots are not to be simultaneously prepared.

How to extract Juice: The wheatgrass having been taken out from the pot should be thoroughly washed. Then after sprinkling some water on it, it should be pounded in a domestic mortar or with a stone. Pounded wheatgrass should be put in a piece of cloth and juice can be extracted by squeezing the cloth.This method involves is time-consuming, particularly when one needs plenty of juice.

After browsing the Amazon, I noticed that Omega 8005 juicer had well over 200 reviews from actual customers and had a star rating well into the fives, nearly as high as Amazon's star ratings can go. Slightly skeptical, I read product description and then skipping to the reviews. I found countless individuals, saying they Love this juicer! This is because it makes juice (from fruits, green leafy vegetables and wheatgrass) just like the juice bar at the health food store -- clean, with no pulp, it's simple and easy to clean just like a blender that means healthy fresh wheatgrass juice. Also, it produces less noise, inexpensive and long-lasting (more than five years).

If Omega 8005 seems too hi-tech for you, you can always consume wheatgrass by chewing it. Remember, to spit out the fibers after you suck the juice :)

Normally about 0.2 L of juice can be extracted from 100 gm of wheatgrass. As water has been sprinkled, the juice also contains some proportion of water. To rejuvenate your body completely, you can never go wrong with regular intake of wheatgrass juice. 


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