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How to Find Blogging Ideas Using Google

Many bloggers, and yes for me too occasionally experience "bloggers block" that limits the flow of ideas when blogging. No matter if you're a housewife, student or jobless, blogging can turn you into a successful entrepreneur if applied correctly. Several strategies such as backlink tags are easy to implement, but churning out new, original post day after day is often a challenge.

Finding new ideas is one of the difficult aspect in blogging. Blog ideas can be obtained from many sources, including current news, own experience, customer interaction. However, another great way to search for ideas is simply using Google instant search.

To use this feature, first enable real-time updating for your web browser (chrome). Click on the wrench icon and select Options for Windows, preferences for Mac and Settings on chrome OS. Now click the basic tab,  and check the box next to "Enable Instant for faster searching".

The way to use this it is to type keywords that are related to your industry, and see what Google fills in for you. For example, say you run a holiday blog and you're looking for ideas. Below are some examples of searches you could do:

By simply typing 'wedding' on the search box, you are presented with some long tail keyword options that could turn into blog posts or topics. Here is another example:

Simply by typing a long tail keyword 'wedding venues' as show-cased from your first search. You get some instant ideas that can be used to write articles of great titles. For example:

  • "Wedding venues in Nairobi: an interview with two local wedding planners" 
  • "Wedding venues in Karen: still at the heart of Nairobi City  

By starting your article or blog title with these search terms, you are aligning your site with phrases that people are actually searching on. This increases your chances of being listed on the first page of Google. Thus, making your content to be easily found leading to an increase in traffic.

Next time, before you create a site or a topic for your next blog post, head over to Google to discover keywords which would be relevant to your site; eventually improving your search engine optimization (SEO)

Muchiri W.
About the Guest Author:

Muchiri is a professional search optimizer (SEO) located in Kenya. He's also an eBook publishing consultant for Bookway builder


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