15 Ideas Of What To Wear For Valentine's Day

Valentine is here once again. The day of Love! The fact is there's no getting away from red on this occasion. Whatever your status, come February 14, some people will enjoy being noticed and what you wear will influence how other people see you.

Whether an affordable or expensive Valentine's day, here are ideas to a red hot Valentine's style and wear:

What To Wear?
  • Choosing the right outfit on Valentine's day is essential and it must have a bit of red in it.
  • Browse through your closet and see if there is anything red.
  • Think about the shade of red that looks best on you. There is scarlet, maroon, burgundy and many other hues of red.
  • Try on the piece of red garment that looks most romantic. If the red garment is not appealing to the eye, it's time to go shopping.
  • When you are shopping, choose at least three pieces of red clothing you think your spouse or date would like on you.
  • Buy the piece of red clothing that is most romantic to wear on Valentine's day.
  • If you want to stick with the Valentine's theme, find an outfit in red, pink or white. Don't be afraid to mix colours. Choose a colour that compliments red. For example, yellow and red would not be appropriate.
  • Accessorise your red attire with a piece of clothing or jewellery that is significant to you or your date.
  • Remember, white is technically a forbidden colour on Valentine's day, so wear it in small amounts.
What Dress Style?
  • Trumpet style dresses never fail to give a fantastic hourglass figure especially when paired with a cap or accentuated sleeve or shoulder. Pencil style is always very sexy and can make any lady look sleek and trim. However, if you are not comfortable with its tight fit, go for the less restricted A-line
  • If you want heads to turn as soon as you walk into a restaurant, go for decollete necklines or sexy sleek pencils but not both. You can reveal one area of your body without looking trashy by concealing other parts. Mermaid and maxi dresses in violet, plum or aqua are incredibly elegant and trendy.
  • Colour and fabric can give you a different look and feeling of excitement so go for dresses, tops and skirts in luxurious silks in different romantic colours such as chocolate, wine, blush, and everyone;s favourite, black.
  • For men, everything is simple, or so you think. Dressing up for Valentine's day does not necessitate that you wear your red suit with your pink undershirt. While casual attire is accepted, that does not mean you can get away with your usual blue jeans and T-shirts. Valentine's day calls for a bit of romance through formality. If she's dressing up, why should you look like you are going to a barber shop!
  • If you are going out on a special date with your loved one in an expensive restaurant, prepare your best suit. Wear a tie that will give out an image that you want to project. Silk ties always hint sophistication especially if paired with a handsome pair of cuff links. Striped ties make you look bold yet fun, while neckties in solid geometric patterns simply shows your subdued but otherwise boisterous personality.

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